Guiding Principles for Mold Control

Use the Guiding Principles for Mold Control to Keep Your Home or Building Dry Introduction Welcome to the Responsible Solutions to Mold Coalition, a group of building materials companies, trade associations, academic and governmental bodies formed to communicate accurate, science-based information on mold and moisture control. The centerpiece in this effort is what we call… Continue reading Guiding Principles for Mold Control

Prevention and Control

How to effectively control mold by controlling moisture? It takes good building practices, which include: • Good architectural design • Quality building materials • Manufacturing, shipping and storing building materials in a manner that keeps them dry before and during construction • Building materials that are more susceptible to water damage should not be delivered… Continue reading Prevention and Control

What is mold

What is mold and why is it an issue today? Mold is ubiquitous in nature. We come in contact with it on a daily basis. There are thousands of species of mold—most of them are harmless—but none of them will grow in the absence of water or moisture. The antibiotic penicillin is derived from mold,… Continue reading What is mold