In an effort to share accurate, science-based information on controlling mold, the RSMC is comprised of professional associations, companies, government representatives, educational institutions, and other entities. The Responsible Mold Solutions Coalition was established in January of 2006.

Back then we declared August as a Mold Awareness Month and with this, we managed to elevate the awareness across the country about the dangers of mold. Thanks to our efforts and the efforts of our partners, everyone with any interest in building, remodeling or construction understands that they have to keep moisture in mind at all times. By taking into account the preventive measures and standards we’ve set, mold prevention is at all-time high.

Our highly informative website provides valuable information about dealing with and preventing mold on a residential and commercial level. We’ve written detailed guiding principles on how you can control moisture when renovating your home or building a brand new building.

By reviewing these Principles and using them on the job site, we hope contractors, homeowners, and property managers will mark “Mold Awareness Month”.

By collaborating with over 14 companies, associations, government agencies, and academic organizations we aim to identify and communicate accurate, trustworthy, scientifically-based information on mold prevention and control.